Gothic Art

Gothic Art

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Gothic Art
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Compose and post a review of the website (http://history-world.org/gothic_art_and_architecture.htm), on gothic art, using the following points as a guide:

• Assess the website for its overall reliability, interest level, depth of research, presentation of information, etc.
• At the beginning of your review, provide citation information and other identifying information
about the website and its topic.
” Always post a live link of the URL within the blog entry, set up so that it will open in a
separate window.
• Suggest ways that the work could be helpful (or not) for research, etc.
• Determine the target audience for the work (children, scholars, students of various ages or levels,
etc.) and consider its effectiveness for that and other groups.
• Explain the reasons why you chose to focus on this particular website.
• Discuss your ideas about and interpretations regarding the contents of the website; however,
please respect that other people have their own deeply-held belief systems—do not use the
review to present your personal belief system, no matter how “right” you think it is.
• DO add photographs or screenshots from the website (and make sure that you provide complete
and accurate MLA-style citations).
• DO provide active URL links for the site (set up to open in an external window) as well as
complete MLA-style citations (including author, title, source, etc.) of the sources the website uses.


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