Global marketing plan

Guidelines for the Written Report
A global marketing plan is a blueprint of the complete global marketing communications program for a brand and product.  It is a formal document that evaluates the background of the target country and brand and presents a set of guidelines and an action program for the global marketing communication campaign.
Your global marketing plan written report will consist of two parts (1) Country Analysis and Global Marketing Communication Plan
Format: minimum 10 pages (not including appendices), double-spaced.

1.Country Analysis (minimum 4-5pages)
Background Information
•    Economic Environment : Economic System, Stages of Market Development, Balance of Payments, Trade in Merchandise and Services, Trade Agreements, Major Multinational Companies, Statistics (GNP, GDP, Population, Foreign Debt, Literacy Rates, Average Education, Minimum Wage Rate, Ratio of manufacturing and Service Sector and so on)
•    Political, Legal and Regulatory Environments : Political Risk, Taxes, Law, Regulation,

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Global marketing plan
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•    Social and Cultural Environments: High/Low Context Culture, Hofstede’s Cultural Typology, Religion, Aesthetics, Dietary Preferences, Business Culture, Favorite Sports, Favorite Color, Food, Religion, Clothing, Family Relationship and Language

(2)    Rationales of your target country selection

•    Explain why you chose your target country over the other countries for your brand and product launches.  Consider the following questions when you answer.
A.    How large is the market for your product within the country?
B.    How many people can afford what you are selling?
C.    Is there a stable political environment?
D.    How developed is the infrastructure, including utilities, transportation, industry and technology?
E.    How well do consumer tastes and culture match what you are offering?

ONLY NUMBER 2 (Rationales of your target country selection)



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