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French Existentialist philosopher

French Existentialist philosopher

Paper instructions:
Topics for the individual essay (applied ethics)
Sartre’s dilemma: Jean-Paul Sartre (a French Existentialist philosopher, first part of 20th century) famously suggested the following dilemma: Imagine a young man, an only son, who lives at home with his mother. He is her only happiness in life. But the young man lives in occupied France during World War II and feels obliged to fight in the war, despite his mother’s pleas to stay home. Which is the morally correct thing to do? Do not sit on the fence. Decide what would be the morally right thing to do, if you were that young man. Justify your answer.

Formulate your answer, to the question presented in the topic you chose, in the form of a thesis. Advance your thesis in the introductory paragraph, explaining by what means you are going to demonstrate your case. In the following paragraphs, lay out the reasons to support of your answer. After displaying your argument, bring up an objection to one or more of the reasons you presented. That objection should also come in a form of a well-reasoned argument. That is to say, tell the reader (me) what is the main point of the objection and then present reasons for anyone to consider that objection seriously. Finally, rebuttal: reply to the objection, explaining why the reader should accept your reasoning despite the objection. Maximum number of words: 1200.
Any quote, paraphrase or summary of external source (including the textbook and instructor’s notes) requires citation in text (name of the author, year of publication and, in case of a book or an article, page number), and a complete citation at the end of the essay. You can use APA, MLA, or Chicago style, so long as you use only one particular style. Reminder: using external sources without reference constitute plagiarism. Do not use Wikipedia as a source in your writing.


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