The Fred Factor: Book Review/Analysis With Questions

Read “The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn.  Write a book review/report about the reading.  Your report should be double-spaced and in 12-point font.  Please provide the review in report form, not in a numbered question-answer format.  There is no specific page requirement, but your review should thoughtfully address all of the items below.  (I would expect this to take a minimum of 2-3 pages, but length greatly depends on writing style. The grade on this assignment will be based on a clear summary of book concepts, thoughtful reflection, and discussion of items below, not “length” of written assignment.)

APA Format
All original work, no plagiarism
Must write answers/responses to the following questions based on principals 1 through 6 and how the profession of pharmacy for a pharmacist pertains to it:

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The Fred Factor: Book Review/Analysis With Questions
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1. Patient advocacy – The graduate is able to represent the patient’s best interests.
2.  Interprofessional collaboration – The graduate is able to actively participate and engage as a healthcare team member by demonstrating mutual respect, understanding, and values to meet patient care needs.
3. Self-awareness – The graduate is able to examine and reflect on personal knowledge, skills, abilities, beliefs, biases, motivation, and emotions that could enhance or limit personal and professional growth.
4. Leadership – The graduate is able to demonstrate responsibility for creating and achieving shared goals, regardless of position.
5. Innovation and entrepreneurship – The graduate is able to engage in innovative activities by using creative thinking to envision better ways of accomplishing professional goals.
6. Professionalism – The graduate is able to exhibit behaviors and values that are consistent with the trust given to the profession by patients, other healthcare providers, and society.

Read the book here í

part of it –>

another part of it –>

Heres a guide to help answer questions in a way that incorporates this book and its concepts í


”    Describe characteristics of “Fred” that make him extraordinary. What is your opinion of “Fred”?  Do you think “Fred” is a real person?  Does your opinion of “Fred” change as you read through the book?  If so, how and why do you think this?

”    Describe a “real life Fred” you know or have known. What characteristics make this person a Fred? How has this person made an impact on your life?

”    Discuss the Four Fred Principles and describe ways you can implement these principles in the workplace or how implementing these principles will make you a better pharmacist.

”    Are you a “Fred”? Do you want to be a “Fred”?  Why or why not?  Use the “Fred Report Card” to self-reflect on your own characteristics and behaviors and develop a plan for becoming more “Fred-like”.

”    Discuss strategies for developing “other Freds”. How can you help encourage “Fred-like” behavior in the workplace?  How might these behaviors change customer and employee satisfaction?

****Remember to relate all questions/discussion topics back to the profession of pharmacy. Think like a pharmacist that is a member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team.****

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