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Forestry Assignment: Museum display

You have been contracted by the newly-founded Royal Rainforest Organization of Ontario Museum (The RROOM), to assist in developing an educational display on tropical forests – specifically focused on surprising natural history details, “uncommon knowledge”, and new discoveries. Your contribution should consist of (1) a title for the display; (2) a 300-word summary of an important concept or generalization about tropical forests, written as a display legend for the museum audience; (3) a detailed 1-2 page description and rationale (and, optionally, a graphical mock-up) of the display that will accompany your display legend. Be specific about the display (if a tropical forest is shown what specific type of forest? What species?) The rationale should include at least one reference to a peer-reviewed journal article as a source (you may also use the textbook or other resources as sources, but must find at least one journal article article). The 300-word summary should be written simply, and should avoid technical jargon (but may include definitions of key words or concepts if necessary).

The 300-word summary should be the best possible example of your writing: every word should be carefully chosen. Remember: the idea is that thousands of museum-goers would read this, so the writing should be letter-perfect.


Title: is there a title for the display that makes sense and conveys the main idea (1 point)

Concept: is the general idea something new and of general interest? (2 points)

300-word summary: is the summary accurate, informative, and well written (5 points)

Display description: does the display creatively convey necessary information (3 points)

Rationale: is there a good rationale provided? (2 points)

Literature citation: is a peer-reviewed journal article cited (2 points

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