Ford's Research

Ford’s Research

Sources must from:
1. http://web.b.ebscohost.com.proxy.library.cpp.edu/ehost/search/advanced?sid=f7494360-f8fa-46c2-b925-5fa7336e7499%40sessionmgr115&vid=0&hid=101
2. http://www.mergentonline.com.proxy.library.cpp.edu/compsearch.asp

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Ford's Research
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Doing research for Ford

Company in Brief (General introduction about the company, its business,
industry/industries; brief history/background; year established; current revenue, stock prices; organizational mission, vision, goals. Cite your sources.)
Environmental Analysis
Macro Environmental Analysis
Have 5 separate titles under here for each of the macro-environmental factors.
1. Laws and regulations: What are some key laws and regulations affecting this company and its industry?
2. the economy: how does the state of the economy influence the sales of this company’s products?
3. technology: what new technologies strongly affect this company?
4. demographics: what changes in the population might affect the company’s customer base/work force?
5. social issues: what changes in society affect the market for your company’s products?
Have 1-2 paragraphs under each title elaborating on particular macro environmental factors’ effects on the company. Cite your sources.
Competitive Environment Analysis
1.Suppliers: how does the company’s relationship with suppliers affect its profitability?
2. Competitors: what companies compete with the firm you have selected? do they compete on price, on quality, or on other factors?
3. New entrants: are new competitors to the company likely? Possible?
4. Substitutes and complements: Is there a threat of substitutes fo this industry’s existing products? Are there complementary products that suggest an opportunity for collaboration?
5. Customers: What characteristics of the company’s customer base influence the company’s competitiveness?
Have 5 separate titles for each of the competitive forces. Have 1-2 paragraphs under each title elaborating on particular competitive factors’ effects on the company. Cite your sources.
(Under ‘competitors/rivals’ title, you should talk about 3-to-5 major competitors, and the company’s financial performance and/or market share in comparison to its competitors)
Internal Environment Analysis
Company’s resources (e.g. its size, where does it operate, how many employees does it have, is it traded on the stock market, etc. Cite your sources.)
Company’s culture (which of the 4 main organizational culture types does this company’s culture fit into (group, adhocracy, hierarchy, and rational)? Explain company’s culture, values, priorities, how they announce and celebrate their values, etc. Cite your sources. Comment on whether this culture fits with the company’s mission/vision/goals.)
SWOT Analysis (I expect to see a rich SWOT based on your research. ALL factors, news, and information presented in your environmental analysis should translate into SWOT items. Any items inserted from other SWOT analyses should be cited.)
Strengths (Use bullets to list entries)
Weaknesses (Use bullets to list entries)
Opportunities (Use bullets to list entries)
Threats (Use bullets to list entries)

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