Financing Development

Throughout the semester we had focused discussions on three topics that are open to much
debate across political, ethical, and moral lines that are cross cultural as well as interdisciplinary.
In a typed paper of about 5-6 pages (Double spaced, 12 point font with one inch margins and
standard type face (Time New Roman)), analyze the differing views of one of the three
discussion topics we discussed this semester along the various political, ethical, moral, and
cultural ties. You are to develop your own understanding and opinion on the topic, critical
thinking, based on what you have learned from your research, the experiences/thoughts of others,
and course content. It is not intended to be a summary but rather a critical analysis of the topic
at hand. A significant element of the final paper is to revise and reflect on the topic considering
the totality of course material and opinions of others introduced throughout the course. As part
of your writing you must include a discussion of the topic as it relates to at least three areas
(chapters) covered during the course of the semester. You may use your discussion writings as a
start but I expect extensive revisions of your original thoughts (you cannot copy what others
have wrote but may incorporate their ideas or thoughts). You should consult additional outside
sources in order to clarify or fully grasp the topic beyond what we discussed in class. Some
basic internet research is sufficient for this assignment. Please do not use Wikipedia (if there are
original sources in Wikipedia, use the original sources). You must cite and/or give credit to all
material that is not your original idea. The method of citation is your choice, just be consistent.
At the very least, you must list all sources consulted while completing your report. Plagiarism is
not acceptable and will be handled appropriately if instances are substantiated.


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Financing Development
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