Financial Management Case Study

Financial Management Case Study

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Financial Management Case Study
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The following case study was taken from the NFSMI website and adapted for use in this foodservice systems class. The case study itself contains 3 questions with the 3rd question having 3 parts. These are located on page 4. In addition, you will need to answer the following questions using the case study information:

4. Calculate a break-even point using the formula from lecture for the figures obtained from question 3 a. and 3 b. Explain what this means.

5. Calculate a cost-volume-profit point with a desired profit of $50,000 for the year. Explain what this means and if you believe it is realistic (why or why not).

Retrieved 4/27/2007 from http://www.nfsmi.org/Information/financial%20management/Participant’s%20Workbook/Participant’s%20Workbook.pdfand adapted from the NFSMI Financial Management workshop materials (not copy written).


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