Executive Article Summary

Locate an article about an issue affecting your professional field (THE PROFESSION OF PHARMACY) as it relates to Chapter 6 (BOOK: The Textbook for this course is Organizational Behavior, 17th Edition by Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge. The ISBN number is 13: 978-0134103983) and our discussion this week (power and politics and how we as people have an interest in how others perceive and evaluate them).  Articles should come from reputable trade journals or news sources (Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, NY Times) or from databases accessed through a library, as long as they are current (no earlier than 2015).  Having said that, if you are unsure if a source is acceptable or not, please ask.

You will write an executive summary of that article.  Your summary should demonstrate your understanding of the article as it relates to the chapter, it should explain the relevant concepts accurately, and discuss implications for you professionally and/or as it relates directly to your job/career.

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Executive Article Summary
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Your summary should be between 500-750 words.

Turn in the executive summary with a Reference Page cited according to APA guidelines.

Must be all original work, no plagiarism.

Provides a clear and in depth analysis of the article and displays a good understanding.

Consistent and appropriate voice. Sophisticated and precise word choice and count. No spelling errors. No errors in agreement, pronouns/antecedents, or tense. No punctuation or capitalization errors.

Paper must demonstrate strong critical thinking and application of knowledge, as well as adds additional connections with content.

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