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Excel Gradebook Project

Understanding how weighted averages work will be a very important topic for you in this course, since your grades are determined in this way. In this project, you will create an Excel spreadsheet that can calculate a student’s final grade in a course. You will then write a reflection paper answering several questions regarding your project.
In this project you are required to do the following:
Create an Excel spreadsheet that will be capable of calculating a student’s final grade in a given course. Keep in mind that weighting is involved in determining the final grade. Your Excel spreadsheet should contain the following:
Your name, course name and project name.
The scores provided on the next page
Category averages
The weights used to determine the final weighted grade for the course
A labeled cell with the Final course grade that uses a formula to calculate the weighted average grade for the course. If a value is changed in your spreadsheet, your final calculation should recalculate. Please limit your use of Excel functions to those used in the course-packet (for a list see the ‘Excel Reference sheet’ in Ivy Learn’s ‘Excel Help’ Module.
In addition to correctly calculating the final grade, your spreadsheet should be well-organized, with clear labels

Write a typed reflection paper (minimum one page). Remember that we are looking for elegant and sophisticated reasoning. It must include the following information: Your name, course name and project name.
An explanation of your process for using Excel to calculate the weighted average final grade. If you encountered any difficulties, how did you overcome them?
Analyze and reflect on the results for the student data provided. What is the final course score you determined based on the initial data provided? What letter grade is this?
The student wishes to know what changes she could have made to increase her grade to the next higher letter grade. Is it possible for the student to have improved in any individual category in order to receive the next higher letter grade? If it is possible, what was the minimum increase and category(s) that would achieve this increase of a letter grade? If not possible, explain why.
The student also has questions about how projects were scored. The projects were initially graded out of varying points to reflect the increasing difficulty of the projects. The student initially received scores of 25/50, 60/75, and 98/100. Note that the scores for these projects are given in the data as percentages. Could scoring the projects out of points rather than percentages affect the category average? Explain why or why not.
This student feels that the homework is undervalued in the course grading. Create a new weighting system and explain why/how you chose your new weight values. What final course grade would the student earn under your new category weighting system?
Reflect on the results of your project. What have you learned from doing this project?

Math 123 Quantitative Reasoning Project Fall 2017

In addition to addressing the given statements, your project should:
Contain a paper that is well organized and in paragraph form (not just bulleted answers!).
Contain a paper that is clear to someone who is not familiar with the project. (i.e. don’t assume that you are writing this to your instructor, make sure anyone could understand your statements.)
Give specific values (i. e. quantify statements).
Provide support for your statements (e.g. explain how values were found and justify statements).
Contain a spreadsheet using the original grade values given below.
Use appropriate representations (tables, color, formatting) that will help the reader understand the project.
Have sophisticated and elegant solutions.
Project should be your original work. Copying someone else’s work is cheating. Sharing your work with someone else is cheating.
These instructions cover the MINIMUM expectations of this project. Students are encouraged to make additions beyond these items.
Submit both an Excel and Word file following your instructor’s directions for submission.

Use the following parameters and scores in your Excel spreadsheet
Create an Excel spreadsheet that will compute the following sample student’s data set for the course described below. Assume all scores are out of 100 and that all grades have been recorded for this student.

Grading and Evaluation Rules for EDUC 250 Educational Psychology:
Methods of Evaluation: There will be a Midterm and Final Exam in this class. Three Labs will also be assigned. Homework and ten quizzes will also be part of the course grade. This course requires a C or better for transfer requirements.
Final Grade Calculation: Grading Scale:
Homework 5% 90 – 100 A
Projects 30% 80 – 89 B
Quizzes 15% 70 – 79 C
Midterm Exam 20% 60 – 69 D
Final Exam 30% 0 – 59 F

A student has the following grades in each category:
Homework: 80, 84, 82, 82, 80, 86, 88, 87, 86, 94, 88, 83, 92, 89, 92
Quiz: 96, 97, 98, 95, 92, 95, 96, 98, 92, 94
Projects: 50, 80, 98
Midterm Exam: 60
Final Exam: 90

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