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Examine Trends in Business

For this assignment, assume the role of an executive consultant to a small business owner CEO. Using the resources from the Books and Resources section, identify three trends to recommend to the CEO that should be embraced or expanded upon to increase the bottom line as well as have a positive impact on society (people or planet). NOTE: You are to write as a consultant to the CEO of the small business. Be sure to address the following in your paper:

As a consultant to the CEO of the small business, identify and elaborate on at least three trends that you recommend the firm embrace in the next 2 years that will have a positive impact on society as well as grow the bottom line in the competitive environment of that industry. Be sure to support your work with the scholarly materials in the required resources.

Summarize how technology will play a role in the trends that you have identified. Remember to cite and reference your resource(s) from the required resources.

You will want to give a realistic assessment to your client, so in your report also provide one challenge the firm will probably face in adapting to each of the trends you identified (so three challenges in total). Elaborate on how the business can overcome each challenge. Again, cite and reference the required resources from the books and resources section.

Remember, support your assignment with this week\’s resources found in the Books and Resources section (6 articles and 1 website). You do not need to research external resources. Use only the resources listed in the assignment.


Bersin, J. (2015, Jan/Feb). What\’s in Store for HR in 2015. (cover story). HR Magazine, 60(1), 33-51.

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PR, N. (2015, June 3). Global Employee Engagement Levels Have Plateaued, and Average Employee\’s Perception of the Work Experience is Deteriorating. PR Newswire US.

Smyth, J. (2015, June 15). The bottom line: be good. Maclean’s, 128(23), 42-48.

2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity – Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

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