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Evaluation Carpe Diem Theme

Evaluation Essay of how should Christians think about and respond to the way we have been defining carpe diem from our writers? (Writers are mentioned below)
In response to the definition of carpe diem determine which aspects of carpe diem contradicts and/or confirms a biblical worldview.
Requirement: 3 pages double-spaced, MLA or APA format.

Review of carpe diem – Theology & Evaluation – Alternative to carpe diem?

A.Review of Carpe Diem
LIST OF GENRES AND WRITERS 1. Music Videos: Pitbull, Drake 2. Graduation Speeches: Steve Jobs, David Foster Wallace 3. Poetry: Horace, Marvell, Herrick, Donne, Montagu, Longfellow, Baudelaire, Millay, Hughes, Milosz 4. Philosophy: Camus, Kierkegaard 5. Fiction: Fitzgerald 6. Theology: Old Testament, New Testament

Time: disconnecting today from past and future.
Religion: negative view of the divine and death.
Purpose: pursuit of pleasure and freedom.

B. Theology & Evaluation
The use of criteria to decide whether something is good or bad. The Christian’s criteria for determining something good or bad is a biblical worldview, which evaluates everything in light of scripture.

Ecclesiastes Old Testament 1. Everything is meaningless (1:2). 2. Eternity in our hearts (3:11). 3. Every deed into judgment (12:14).
Kierkegaard Christian Philosophy 1. God is eternal. 2. Sin is separation from the eternal (i.e. time). 3. Repentance is reconnecting to the eternal.
Revelation 22: New Testament 1. New heaven and new earth (21:1). 2. The city in the garden (22:1-2). 3. Healing of the nations (22:2)

C. Alternative to carpe diem? Compare To Seize the Day VS. Seize the Future

Seize the day: today is disconnected from the past and future
Seize eternity: today makes sense only in light of our experiences and hopes

Seize the Day: Religion is only a coping mechanism to escape the despair of death and the absurd
Seize Eternity: Religion tells the story of where we come from and where we will go.

Seize the Day: Purpose I must create a meaning for myself
Seize Eternity: I am called to participate in the renewal of all creation

Ecclessiastes 1:1-18
Kirkagaard Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing by Sören Kierkegaard Reveletion 21-22

1. Remember, an evaluation is different from a summary or an analysis. Evaluations are about determining whether something is good or bad. But the only way we can evaluate something is to know the criteria. Without a clear criteria, it is impossible to know if something is good or bad. For this class and this specific assignment, I am asking you to use a theological framework or biblical worldview as your criteria. According to what the Christian tradition teaches, is carpe diem a good or bad way to live our lives?

2. Now, before you jump to one side or another, don’t forget that this is not a simple question. It all depends on how you define what carpe diem means (using the texts we have been studying) and how you define the criteria (using this week’s readings). Do not rely on your own definition or opinion about this topic. This essay is not asking for your personal preference. Instead, it is an objective evaluation of a concept using a specific criteria.

3. Therefore, it is very important that you establish in the introduction a clear and precise definition of carpe diem (go back to earlier lectures and texts if you have to). Then decide which texts you will use to help define a theological framework or biblical worldview? Practice by creating an outline of your essay and think about which texts and, more specifically, which quotations you will place in each paragraph.

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