Ethnic Movements in Latin America

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Write an annotated bibliography
that critically compares and analyse the work of two authors on the topic of Ethnic Movements in Latin America. Compare their their writing style, their theoretical Approaches(e.g is it a multi-level, synchronic, or diachronic approach or is it a an amalgamation of all tree approaches etc). Outline the positives and the negatives of each argument, also analysis whether the approaches employed by the two authors, work to support their argument or whether, it hinders it, outline the key concepts explored my each author, what are their theoretical perspective?

the annotated bibliography critical analysis can be done on a book, or a Journal , however the annotated bibliography must focus on topic ethnic movements in Latin america it sould not be any work done by Luis Angosto Ferrandez or any professor from the univerity of sydney.
also essay must be writen in australian english.
essay should be emailed to this adress fkab7185@uni.sydney.edu.au

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Ethnic Movements in Latin America
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the referencing style should be AAA (American Anthropological Association style)
font size 12,Arial line spacing should be 1.5

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