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Ethics balance of power

Ethics balance of power

#1. Please explain the reason for the balance of power built into the constitution of the United States, #2. What is the mission of policing and why? How does public confidence relate accomplishing this mission, #3. Please indicate how recruitment, selection and promotion affect the ethical climate of a law enforcement agency using “Character and Cops, Ethics in Policing” by Edwin J. Delattre. Question #4. What is the purpose of use of force policies, procedures and strategies? How do you know they are working, #5. What is the purpose of an early Intervention System? How does it relate to police ethics? How do you know if this system is effective using “The New World of Police Accountability” by Samuel Walker and Carol A. Archbold. I need a minimum of two (2) additional references for each question not including the text book i’ve listed. For each question I need:1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION as to: A) Describe the problem or issue, B) Identify the isues of concern to the public and police ethics, C) Confirm that the problem exists (validate with citations from text), D) Prioritize issues (Key themes) and E) Develope broad goals. 2. ANALYSIS: A) Identify relevant information associated with the issue, B) Indicate how the issue may be more effectively managed, C) Define and describe all terms, concepts and philosophies and D) Develope a connection with the ethical standards of a law enforcement ageny and profession. 3) RESPONSE: A) Indicate what should be done and why, B) Outline the goals or objectives of your written response, C) Validate your claims or conclusions by using references from the text and D) Identify and explain any historical documents used to support your points. 4) ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: A) Indicate the questions you are answering before your response, B) Double space your paper and C) At least two (2) double spaced pages should be written for each question.


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