Write an essay in which you explain and define data you have collected for the literacy/writing based topic you are exploring this semester. As you respond, answer the following questions for your audience:

•What is the problem? (Define the problem, tell how it resembles other problems)
•Why is it a problem? (Illustrate facets of the argument)
•Why is this problem worthy of investigation? (Why should you continue your investigation?)

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The Research Paper will be due at the end of Module 14 and worth the final 50 points towards your total research project grade.

•Investigate a problem or issue related to writing/literacy
•Explain the problem or issue to an appropriate audience
•Provide support for our ideas via academic research
•Propose further investigation

Research Requirement
The Research Paper is an argumentative essay based on the topic you’ve been exploring this term. You will use the research presented on your Annotated Bibs to support your claims.
•The final draft of the research proposal will be 900-1200 words in length (four to five typed, double-spaced pages, with one-inch margins all around).  This means 900-1200 words in the actual body of paper. The word count does not include the heading, the title, Works Cited page, etc.
•The format of your paper will follow closely the samples in The Little Seagull Handbook.
o The format for references will be the MLA documentation style called parenthetical
documentation; this is also detailed in The Little Seagull Handbook.
o We will discuss in great detail MLA format and parenthetical documentation and
your text clearly explains the formats as well; you are responsible for reading,
understanding, and utilizing these formats.  Presentation and accuracy is vitally
•At least five scholarly sources must be clearly used and cited in your text and listed properly on your Works Cited page.
o It is not enough to simply have a works cited page! Your paper must show clear
evidence (direct quotes and summaries) of all of your listed sources, and all
evidence must include correct in-text citations.
o General encyclopedias, like Wikipedia, and other general websites may not be
used as sources for this paper.
o Research must be of a scholarly, academic nature to satisfy the assignment
o Non-scholarly research must be verified appropriately for use in this assignment
as all research is meant to add validity to your argument.
o Sources should be from your Annotated Bib; however, it’s okay if you change
some of your sources if you find they don’t work for your paper as long as you still
have at least five scholarly sources.
o Works Cited entries should not include any of the summary material from your
Annotated Bib

•900-1200 words (approximately 4 –5 full pages) –typed in standard 12 point font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins. Do not attempt to play with margins, font size, etc. to make papers appear longer –since I will review your word count, such measures are pointless! •Final draft must follow MLA 8th edition format
o The Little Seagull Handbook pp. 119-169.
o For heading example, see syllabus.•Document all source material used in the
essay, following MLA 8 formatting exactly for in-text citations and works cited
o Your essay must clearly include direct quotations, summaries, and paraphrasing
from your sources to support your argumentative claims, and all references must
be properly cited according to MLA formatting.
o Your paper must include a Works Cited page referencing all sources used in your
o All sources presented on the Works Cited page must be clearly used and cited in
the body of the paper.
o Works Cited entries must be in alphabetical order, and must not include
summaries from your Annotated Bib.
•Include an appropriate title centered on the first line. Do not underline the title or put it in “quotation marks,”italics, or bold.
•Write in standard, formal English, avoiding slang and casual language.
•Use of the second-person perspective (“you”) is not appropriate or acceptable in this essay.


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