Essay report

Choose a historical person, aircraft or significant development and discuss the roles and major impacts that this has played in aviation development since the 1920’s (you may choose any date from 1920 to yesterday).


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Essay report
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—1. Explain why this person, aircraft or significant development has had significant impact.

—2. Discuss the background of this person, aircraft or development that led to its important contribution.

—3. Discuss the challenges and barriers confronting the success of this aircraft, person or development.

—4. Define the lasting impact this has had on aviation in today’s world.

—You may do this in Essay form or Paragraph form (where you address each of these 4 points)

—1500-2000 – penalties if outside these numbers. References and any title should not be included in the word count.

—Submit in acceptable format via Dropbox by Mon May 23rd,

— AND Print copy to me in class on Mon May 23rd.

—Don’t double Space

——Use APA format for references, or any acceptable format for references. This means you MUST cite any quotes. I prefer the standard ‘blah,blah, blah’ Smith (2001) this means you cited Mr Smith from some published material.

—Then in the References section at the back of you paper you can list that reference in detail.

—You CANNOT cite Wikipedia, use it for ideas but you must not use it as a source. The sources must be dedicated website such as Jimmy Doolittle Museum https://doolittlemuseum.org, or a book or a published paper.

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