This week, your assignment is to respond to the PowerPoint notes and video you read/viewed earlier on. I will also attach it again, just in case you missed it.

Based on the PowerPoint, answer the following seven (7) questions. Each question is worth Five (5) points for a total of 35 points.

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The questions are below:

1. Using the videos in the PowerPoint, narrate a situation of bad/poor communication at your workplace. This must not be more than 12 lines of response.

2. State and explain three (3) reasons why there is a communication breakdown at the workplace.

3. What will you do as a leader to encourage your subordinates to improve communication at the workplace?

4. List and explain three (3) Barriers to Communication at the workplace.

5. List and explain “The 3 Rules that govern good communication.” Give examples.

6. Why is the medium you chose to communicate with subordinates important? Give example.

7. State three (3) types of communication; give three (3) examples of each type and three (3) usefulness of each type.


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