Using primary texts supplied, write a 750-word essay that demonstrates how proponents and the opponents of slavery used American history to defend their positions. Choose a minimum of 2 of the 4 analytical concepts that framed this course (capitalism, democracy, difference, and mobility) to explain how these writers used American history to defend their positions. Your paper should conclude by explaining why some contemporaries of slavery may have found some arguments compelling, while others found them offensive (to conclude effectively, you will need to explain the historical context in which these texts were written, based on what you have read in the Keene text). You may use more than 4 sources, but you are not expected to incorporate all sources listed, just those relevant to the paper prompt. Please note that the pro-slavery texts reflect the racism found in many quarters of 19ffi century America. As historians, it is only right that we reject these views as we analyze how these writers conducted their defense of slavery. Other researchers have noted that the pro-slavery appeal to racism was intended to undermine the abolitionist efforts to put forth “are men are created equal” as the core American value (see the antislavery texts). Please beware that the level of racism seen in these documents can be shocking and disturbing to modem readers. No secondary sources other than Keene text should be used the paper’s analysis. See Blackboard for primary sources. Goals of this paper: The purpose of this assignment is to advance your ability to reason through a specific historical question and to express your ideas in writing. Your paper should: (1) Briefly introduce your paper’s topic or question and provide a thesis statement, (2) Show that you have reasoned through the evidence in a fair-minded way, (3) Use evidence to answer the historical question, (4) Briefly explain an implication or limitation of your analysis, (5) Develop and organize your thoughts clearly and logically, (6) Draw a conclusion that addresses the paper’s chief topic or question, and that states your answer to the question. Common Instruction on Academic Honesty: Cite your sources consistently through your paper. Cite your source for any statement or quotation that is not common knowledge. Use quotation marks around phrases/sentences that represent the words of someone else. Use proper paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism


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