No title page needed.
Identification: ONLY student #. No Name.
Put the essay topic at the top of the first page,
Font: 12.
Line spacing: 1.5 or Double.
Word limit: 900-1200.
I do not require an introduction or conclusion for this paper. The topics ask straightforward questions – just go ahead and answer them.
This also means that you do not need a thesis statement or anything of the sort.
You are strongly advised to use only the texts. External sources are strongly discouraged. (From my own personal experience, papers that rely on external sources usually end up with lower grades than papers who simply rely only on the text).
Required for direct quotes
Required every time you present a general idea/point that the author makes
For Hobbes, use (Leviathan, Book.Chapter and page#). For example: Hobbes says that people are naturally competitive, and that this leads to a state of war (1.13, p. 320).
For Rousseau’s Social Contract, do the same. For example: According to Rousseau, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” (Social Contract, 1.1, p. 437).
For Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality, just (Discourse, Part #, Page #).
If you are not using the course textbook versions of the texts, you must have a bibliography with clear information about the versions you use.
These texts have been translated to many languages. If you want, you should definitely try and find a version in the language with which you feel most comfortable. You can then go back to the textbook version to find the appropriate citations, page numbers, etc.

TOPIC:The Fool thinks that he should obey the law only when in his interest to do so. Explain Hobbes’ answer to the Fool? What would Rousseau think is wrong with the Fool’s view? Do you find either Hobbes or Rousseau provide good reasons to reject the Fool’s reasoning?

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