Answer these 4 questions separately about gamemaking. You need to have game maker software. I will email you the task and some ppt.
18) How would you modify (troubleshoot) different modes of collision, motion in simple cases
How would you change to different actions after a collision takes place- instead of reflecting at a fixed angle, destroy object or instantiate another object
or move in opposite direction – this was done in the EVIL and galactic tasks that I gave you

19) How are rooms created and how and what objects are placed in rooms
Define a new room at design time and place objects in there before running the application – you can place control objects or character objects in a room, or put a background picture in a room. Once the application begins, whatever object you put in room starts to flow from its code window events.

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20) How does the entended EVIL game compare with the original EVIL game
Hint: Consider – menus to select room difficulty, advancing to another room after a fixed number of babies are absorbed, use of a healthbar which reduces in
size everytime a demon collides with the dragon, and introduction of control objects to count babies and check the healthbar

21) What are the passive objects in the Habgood games and how do they fit into the object flow.

Hint: These are objects that just sit there and have no events and actions such as walls. Also moons, asteroids, other than instantiating them and initially moving them around, they have no other events.

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