Elevator Pitch

Identify a product that you would like to sell and the customer or audience to which you will deliver your sales pitch.

Write a 200- to 250-word written elevator pitch. The elevator pitch should include:

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Elevator Pitch
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  • “Hook” 
  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Your product’s differentiation
  • Value

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Individual Assignment: Elevator Pitch

Purpose of Assignment

The elevator pitch is a standard used in sales and the assignment provides students a chance to create one and develop their own statements of value and differentiation. The basic structure of the elevator pitch goes across products and services and can even be used in interviewing. This opportunity gives students a chance to develop the skills related to creating and delivering an effective pitch.

Grading Guide



Partially Met

Not Met


The elevator pitch includes a hook.

The elevator pitch includes a statement of the problem.

The elevator pitch includes a solution to the problem.

The elevator pitch includes a statement of the product’s differentiator.

The elevator pitch includes a statement or discussion of the value of the product provides.

The paper is 200 to 250 words in length or a 60-second presentation.

Total Available

Total Earned



Writing Guidelines


Partially Met

Not Met


The paper—including tables and graphs, headings, title page, and reference page—is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements.

Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page.

Paragraph and sentence transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow throughout the paper.

Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.

Rules of grammar and usage are followed including spelling and punctuation.

Total Available

Total Earned



Assignment Total




Additional comments:

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