Must have: Introduction, background of problem/situation/purpose of study, questions to be Answered or research objective. (limit question or objectives 4-6 because

each of these questions or objectives will become subheading in our Chapter IV and you will need to provide “data for analysis” for each of the subheadings.
what are your assumptions? (i.e. must the economy be strong for your new business venture to work or will the EEO laws have to be enforced for this study to work?
Definition of Terms
Define all words that are unique to our industry and are not universally understood by everyone who will read your paper
Scope of the Study
What is the scope (size, location, numbers) for the study, need a good picture of what your looking at.

Chapter II
Historical & General Background

What is the history on this topic in the professional journals? What do the local or industry “experts” say? Good place to use references older than five years!

EVERY PARAGRAPH IN THIS CHAPTER MUST BE FROM A REFERENCED EXPERT (Peer Reviewed, coached or professional journal. Some books can be used when using the seminal study).

A good chapter Two is at least 10 pages of 20 experts cited.

Existing Studies

Establish the possible need for this study and the likelihood for obtaining meaningful results.


Acquaint readers with existing studies relative to what instrumentation has been utilized. Provide enough detail to establish the utility of this instrument in your

specific topic.

Statistical Approach

Acquaint reeaders with existing studies relative to what statistical models have been utilized. Provide enough detail to establish the utility of this/these model(s)

in your specific topic.

Significant Studies

Find the most significant study that closely mirrors your problem/situation and establish the possible need for this study and the likelihood for obtaining meaningful


Summary of Literature Reviewed

Focusing on your research question, review what is already known and documented. define every term and concept you are about to use, showing how it is derived from

existing literature. (Your own words, don’t need to cite experts in this one subheading).

Chapter III Methodology/Procedures

Research Methodology

What methodology from chapter II will you use for your study?


What instrument are you going to use? (important many questionnaire/surveys are copyrighted–you will need to receive permission or create your own questionnaire or

survey) This subheading is not required for studies using preexisting data

What methodology from chapter II will you use for your study Presented as what needs to be in this chapter, NOT titles of subheadings. STRONGLY recommend you use our

questions from Chapter I as subheadings)

1) Findings are presented in tables or charts
2) findings reported with respect to furnishing evidence for each question asked
3) Appropriate heading are established to correspond to each main question4) Factual information kept separate from interpretation, inference, and evaluation (kept

very brief, will be expanded in Chapter V, under Summary heading)

In an orderly way, tell about your findings. Interpret the fata you collected and present it logically, an in a form that is truy illuminating with respect to th

rsearch uestion you raised. Resolve any inconsstencies or contradictions. Explain what you expected to find that you did, what surprised you, what patterns and

relationships emerged. Use chart, tables and graphs to clarify your points, and refer them!

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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