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Educational technology | Education homework help

Educational technology has an important role in any instructional  design experience. The variety of tools continues to grow, and new  educational uses are being rapidly identified. Therefore, it is  important to stay current with educational technology trends and make  your selections based on sound design principles. For this Individual  Project, compare and contrast each of the categories of tools listed in  the following. Define them in your own words, and describe how they  might be used to enhance a quality instructional design or help  facilitate a quality educational experience. Hint:  Remember to consider the impact that these tools have on administrative,  instructional designer, learner, stakeholder, and teacher and faculty  needs. Provide at least 1 example for each type of tool to support your  analysis.

Peripheral Equipment and Resources

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Educational technology | Education homework help
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  • Cloud computing  
  • Social networking tools  
  • Web 2.0 tools  
  • Open Educational Resources  
  • Classroom instructional media  
  • Cell phones, tablets, and other highly portable technology tools  
  • Electronic whiteboards  
  • Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

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