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Education / IEP

Assignment 1

In four paragraphs, discuss how an accurately calculated PLAAFP foreshadow Annual IEP Goals related to:
• Required consideration for assistive technology;
• How the disability impacts access to the general education curriculum;
• Determination of related services support in the LRE;
• Parent participation (review the Education Court Case: Doug C. v. Hawaii) Department of Education (Ninth District Court of Appeals, 2013) [PDF];
• Paraeducators contribution to a well-written PLAAFP;
• Paraeducator knowledge of IEP content contributes to assurance of FAPE
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Assignment 2

1. Read the revised partial version of Amy’s PLAAFP statement below.
2. Post goals with at least two objectives. Include each detail of the examples provided below and use your assigned readings to inform your work.
Write four annual goals for Amy in the following areas:
• Gaining attention in the general classroom;
• Transitions between in-school locations;
• Self-Advocacy when managing her emotion state; and
• One of the following areas:
Listening to lectures in large-group;
Completing independent seat work; or
Using spontaneous communication to share her needs and interest.
Student Amy’s Annotated PLAAFP
Note: The following annotated PLAAFP is for the completion of this assignment only. It contains partial information and does not represent a full example of a comprehensive PLAAFP. The content provides a current level performance and serves as a baseline in which you are to develop measurable annual goals and short-term objectives.
Amy is a fourth grader who has a good sense of humor and is learning how to respond to acceptance by her same-age peers. She enjoys helping others and takes pleasure in completing assigned tasks.
Amy successfully participates in the fourth grade math curriculum with special education support. She is able to listen to math content lectures for 15 consecutive minutes prior to needing a direct verbal /pictured paired reminder to sit and listen, from a classroom adult. She is able to complete independent math–related desk tasks when provided with tasks that she has mastered, for up to 10 consecutive minutes. She requires the use of manipulatives, concrete examples and use of “check answer sheet” of math process when independently determining addition and subtraction story based problem resulting in single digit answers for four out of six given opportunities.
Amy reads and comprehends 30 words per minute of given passages commensurate at her second grade level with a comprehension rate of 75%. Her fluency in reading a fourth grade passage yields an average of five correctly read words per minute.
She requires a pictured-paired- gestured reminder, at a two to four foot proximity, in order to obtain classroom adult’s attention. She is able to say spontaneously one to two word phrases appropriate to the instruction contexts. She requires rehearsal prompt (echoed prompt) to request a four to six part verbal phrase (e.g., I need help please, this is too hard for me, I need a break, I’m done, what’s next?), however, she continues to need an auditory model from an adult when attempting to speak using a “classroom voice volume.”
She is able to complete transition between in-school locations (e.g., class to gym, class to lunchroom, recess to class, etc.) with overall 60% independence of the assessed transition routines. She is able to identify next when ready to leave the current location, however she continues to need pictured reminders to “next” when moving in hall or when entering large spaces (e.g., open gym, cafeteria).
Amy can follow a two-part verbal/picture direction, related to her immediate activity or surroundings. She cries easily when frustrated or embarrassed. Amy’s parents are concerned about her academic skills, her safety, and limited self-advocacy skills. They would like for her to gain independence when transitioning between in-school locations.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Assignment 3

Based on the PLAAFP you wrote for Andy last week and using the Oregon State IEP form, compose an annual goal with two objectives for each of the following:
• One academic area (math, written language, literacy, or reading comprehension);
• One adapted skills/functional/area (motor, behavior study skills); and One communication skill.

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