One of the ways that leaders develop their own leadership skills is through ‘critical reflection’. For this reason this week you are to asked to consider the following:

1) Over the past few weeks you have engaged in an intensive study of ‘Economics for Planning’ where you have been introduced to the nature of Economic Development at the macro – National level and at its effects on the micro- Local level. What did you learn ? what was challenging about it ?

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2) Discuss 4 themes and reflect on how they have impacted your way of thinking as a leader.

3) How can you apply what you have learned these past few weeks ?

4) What would you have done differently if you had a chance to redo the last few weeks of learning.

In 500-600 words APA style

Note: 1. the book is: Economics of Development, 7th Ed. for Perkins

Note 2.. attached photo clarifies the topics and themes what we have studied.


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