Economic and Political challenges in Nunavut

Write essay with APA format. At the end of essay include APA format citations. Each paragraph for topics include opening sentence,  2-3 POINT PROOF AND EXPLANATIONS (PPE) with in text references, and concluding sentence.  for  INTRO: Write two or three sentences on the geography and history of Nunavut. Include a connecting sentence to thesis statement. Write your thesis statement.
1st topic political challenges in Nunavut
How did Nunavut become a new territory?
How is Nunavut governed? What is self government
What are some challenges the new government may be facing?
2nd topic economic challenges
What are types of jobs available in Nunavut?
What are some obstacles Nunavut faces in developing its resources?
What is ecotourism? How can it help the people of Nunavut?

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Economic and Political challenges in Nunavut
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