Due Diligence & Supply Chain Responsibilities

Essay:  complete an essay of 2,500 words on ‘due diligence’ and supply chain responsibilities.
Outline the issue in the introduction, and provide a brief stakeholder table.
It is important that you show your understanding of business ethics as a human interactive practice. Hence you must provide examples for:
result-based arguments duties-based arguments relations-based arguments
You must at least provide one for each approach that can be used to campaign against the organization, and then counter these. Hence in your essay, you will first ‘put

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Due Diligence & Supply Chain Responsibilities
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on the hat’ of a campaigning NGO, and then ‘the hat’ of the CEO of the corporation responding to the NGO claims.
Try to be as clear as possible: make reference to facts. Try to be as concrete as possible: make reference to concrete initiatives or regulation).
Include your own opinion in a separate section towards the conclusion.
Focus Is there a clear and correct identification of the ethical issue? Does the coursework analyse this issue? 20 Synthesis Does the coursework bring together the

facts, regulation, and literature in a significant manner that supports the analysis? 30 Soundness Does the coursework indicate a comprehensive understanding of the

three ethical approaches (i.e. correct application) 30 Clarity of structure Is the coursework well organised and logically constructed to achieve synthesis while being

mindful of the needs of the reader? 10 Mechanical Soundness Is the essay clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately? 10
BUSI 1314 Business Ethics 2012-13


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