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Diversity Vignettes (Joe Willis: A, B, and C)

Diversity Vignettes (Joe Willis: A, B, and C)

This collection of case materials raises a series of issues around the topic of diversity. All of the items are based on real events that happened to actual managers in the workplace.


1. What is diversity? How important is a definition of diversity for managers and companies? How much does it need to change, if at all, as we move from company to company, go across borders, or operate as a multi-national organization?

2. As you read through the issues in the assigned cases and reflect on your own experiences, what are the biggest challenges in creating diversity in the workplace?

3. What are the costs of not having diversity in an organization?

a. What about for the company?
b. What about for individual stakeholders? Particularly for those who have experienced it, what is it like to feel like you aren’t valued or welcomed by your company solely because of some core aspect of your identity?
c. What value is created by having diversity and how might it be a morally preferable alternative?

4. What are the main problems you see going on in this case? Try to specify which of those problems relate to diversity (and how) and to highlight the moral dimensions of these issues (using the moral framework discussed in Chapter 1)?

5. What should be done, if anything, to address the issues raised in the case? Why?

6. What capabilities and skills do managers need to cultivate to do a better job of managing diversity? What fears and limitations do they need to face and get beyond?

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