Disease and outbreaks

Paper: Each Student will prepare a short paper. Double Spaces. The paper should follow the general systems approach as detailed below:
1.    Source and nature of contaminant or problem
a.    • What specifically causes the problem?
b.    • What creates disease in humans (toxin, infection, etc.)?
c.    • What is the disease symptomology?
d.    • How does disease progress in humans?
e.    • Are there possible sequella or after effects?
2.    How, and in what form, it comes in contact with people
a.    • How is it carried or vectored, and by what media (food, water, air, touch, etc.)?
b.    • Are there identifiable populations that are especially vulnerable?
3.    Methods to measure exposure and effects
a.    • How is the problem detected or identified?
b.    • What is the expected background occurrence verses an apparent outbreak?
4.    Controls, technical and administrative
a.    • How is the disease treated and controlled?
b.    • How is the further spread of disease prevented?

References should include examples of at least 5 outbreaks within the last 10 years. The paper must be 4–5 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font, excluding appendices, and references. No cover page is needed.

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Disease and outbreaks
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