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Discussion Question

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Case Study: Mr. C. is a 72-year-old retired manager previously in excellent health who has recently suffered a right-sided stroke resulting in a severely limited ability to speak. He is only able to utter a few words at a time with studied effort. His wife says that he is bumping into objects on his right side and appears not to see them very well. His ability to understand speech appears intact. His physician has requested a neuropsychological consult to determine his level of speech impairment and possible visual field neglect.

Discuss the use of tests of sensory-perceptual abilities (Line Bisection Test and the Test of Visual Neglect (to measure visual field neglect), as well as verbal fluency (using the FAS test to determine the rate of spontaneous speech production and Boston Naming Test (a confrontational naming test) to test the ability to recall names of familiar objects ), to measure the impact of the right side stroke affecting Mr. C’s. visual-perceptual abilities as well as language production. How would these tests assess possible deficits? Would you administer any further tests? Explain.

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