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Discussion Board 1: Guideline on physiologic/sensory changes

Module 3: Discussion 1: Before posting to the discussion board, locate one EBP guideline that relates to this week’s topics using the Purdue library to access JBI or internet to access guideline.gov.

NOTE: The BSN Core Competencies are located on pp. 29, 30 of your textbook or in the Resources section of the course.
1.Locate a guideline which addresses physiologic/sensory changes with the aged, disabled, or chronically ill population from guideline.gov or from JBI via the Purdue library.
2.Attach the entire, complete guideline as a document in the discussion board so that other students can read the guideline. Do not upload, but attach the document.
3.Entitle your discussion post with the title of the guideline
4.Provide a rationale for why you’ve chosen this guideline and state how you intend to use it in practice in one paragraph.
5.Apply one of the BSN Core Competencies that fit the guideline & state your rationale for using it.
6.Responses should add to the discussion for use of this guideline.

Your response should consist of complete sentences. Do not respond to another student’s post that has used the same Core Competencies as your submission.

Post your individual responses by 11:59 pm EST on Friday of Module 3. Read the postings of other students, and thoughtfully respond to at least two other student postings by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday of Module 3.

Please click the Grading Information button and then the View Rubric button on the right of the discussion board window for grading criteria.

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