Disability Rights in Jordan

  • One parallel/shadow report to the CRPD Committee from NGOs or DPOs in the country. See Blackboard for a list of countries where parallel reports can be found. Blackboard also has instructions to find these reports if you choose another country than the listed countries.
    •    Two or three primary resources about the situation of disabled people in the country. The resources should include:
    o    NGO/DPO reports (besides of the parallel/shadow report) above, and/or
    o    First person narratives or other types of online media  (i.e. blog posts, interviews, or YouTube videos) from people living or working in the country)
    Reflect back on our discussions of disability models, oppression, and other key ideas to compare and contrast how the country has addressed these issues and how people with disabilities have responded. Your analysis should include a comparison of the information in the official country report to the CRPD Committee with the information that you located in the various NGO/DPO-sources, and the concluding observations from the CRPD Committee.
    Your response must include:
    1.    An overview of the pressing human rights issues for people with disabilities in the country, including references to the relevant human rights (e.g. specific articles of the CRPD or other human rights treaties). Explain how the specific human rights apply and why they may be important for people with disabilities.
    2.    An argument or thesis about how you would characterize the situation of people with disabilities in the country or context.
    3.    Examples of how economic, social, cultural and political factors as well as historical events affect people with disabilities and/or shape understandings of disability in the country.
    4.    Analysis of how disability intersects with race, class, gender, sexuality and ethnicity in ways that shape experiences of people with disabilities and cultural notions of disability in these situations.
    5.    Critical reflection of how effectively the country has responded to issues of rights and social justice for people with disabilities.
    Use either APA or MLA style guides. Make sure to cite appropriately- plagiarism will not be tolerated.


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Disability Rights in Jordan
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