Deconstruction applied

Project description

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Deconstruction applied
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Answer the following question: One of the aspects of deconstruction, however, is recognizing the binaries and then showing how one of the binaries in a pair is “priveleged” in western culture. This reveals the idea of power–who has it and why. Which of the binaires are privileged in the ones you note? For example, is light privileged over dark? What is suggested here? What are some other binaries associated with this one? Other referents?

Do you associate liminality with Derrida’s ideas? There might be some interesting elements to mine here.

Can you use more from Derrida, too, to make your case? Make sure to use some of the theory to support and develop. WHy, for example, does the idea of “differance” matter? How might this be applied to the novella?


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