Daisy Annabelle only

A common complaint in the policy process is that they are defined and created by politicians but implemented by unelected bureaucrats who may or may not interpret the policy/program consistent with the desires of politicians. While most, if not all, public officials are dedicated to the achievement of the goals intended by the policy. There are a couple of examples of policies that have been negatively influenced by public officials, the VA and IRS scandals. In both cases those public officials remain in their positions because of the difficulty of terminating a government employee. What would you do in either of those cases to hold public officials accountable? Or, do you have any suggestions as to how to overcome the disparity between political policy decision making and administratively implementing them – which is the politics-administration dichotomy. Support your answers with examples and research, and cite your research using correct APA format.

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Daisy Annabelle only
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