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Cyber security policy catalog | Computer Science homework help


  • Create a cybersecurity policy describing the principle, the objective, and policy statement for the law firm’s company network.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities by groups (e.g., position director of network security, the network security manager, network security engineers, IT area), defining roles and responsibilities.
  • Suggest the cybersecurity policy statement, an explanation of the policy statement, and the reasons why the policy statement may be controversial.
  • Determine the security testing methodology you would use to facilitate the assessment of technical controls.

 Use Microsoft Project, or an open source alternative such as OpenProj, to create a security project plan for the law firm. The project plan should include:

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Cyber security policy catalog | Computer Science homework help
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  • Tasks, subtasks, resources, and predecessors.
  • An outline of the planning, analysis, design, and implementation phases.
  • The use of cybersecurity in the information systems development life cycle.

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