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cuban culture

Describe what is Cultural Competency

Identify and describe your cultural ancestry. If you have more than one cultural ancestry, chose the one with which you most closely associate.
Explore and describe the willingness of individuals in your culture to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Can you identify any area of discussion that would be considered taboo?

Explore and describe the practice and meaning of touch in your culture. Include information regarding touch between family members, friends, members of the opposite sex, and health-care providers.

Identify and describe personal spatial and distancing strategies used when communicating with others in your culture. Discuss differences between friends and families versus strangers.

Discuss your culture’s use of eye contact. Include information regarding practices between family members, friends, strangers, and persons of different age groups.

Explore and describe the meaning of gestures and facial expressions in your culture. Do specific gestures or facial expressions have special meanings? How are emotions displayed?

Discuss if there are acceptable ways of standing and greeting people in your culture?

Discuss the prevailing temporal relation of your culture. Is the culture’s worldview past, present, or future oriented? Prevailing temporal relations meaning, how do your culture perceive healthcare in general. Does your culture utilize certain remedies? Are they more relax about receiving proper healthcare? Do they seek a healthcare provider if their health is failing? How often they try to seek medical attention?

Discuss the impact of your culture in healthcare or within a healthcare setting.

Conclusion (Closing thoughts):

Discuss your closing thoughts (hypnotically), on how will your culture perceive healthcare in the future.

Discuss how being culturally competent will have an effect on you as a future healthcare administrator.

format :

*this needs to be 4 pages excluding the reference page* .
So just send the references seperate.
one again the intro,body,conclusion need to be 4 pages. work cited page is seperate.
12 font, new roman , and normal 1 inch margins , double spaced

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