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Critical Comapre Analysis (question in order discription)

In the beginning of Thucydides’ History, the Spartan King Archidamus offers an explanation of courage that emphasizes shame and self-control (see pp. 25-28 of the Woodruff translation, i.e. sections 1.80-85). First, analyze Archidamus’ conception of courage, by explaining the relation of his conception of courage to other Spartan ideals that Archidamus discusses, such as shame, self-control, good judgment, and 0moderation. Then compare and contrast Archidamus’ ideals with the ideals embodied in Socrates’ education of the future guardians in Republic Books 2-3, with specific attention to Socrates’ desire to cultivate self-control, a proper sense of shame, and moderation in his guardians. Do the citizens produced by Socratic education, as described in Books 2-3 of the Republic, seem likely to resemble the idealized Spartans described by King Archidamus? If so, then specify why and in which ways; if not, then explain why not. Be sure to support your views with specific examples and quotations from the texts.

Category: Essays

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