Choose a crime to write about.  Then you will locate the national statistics on this crime, as well as local statistics for three different, comparable size cities, counties, or states.  You want to compare these local statistics with the national statistics, based off of SARA and the Crime Analysis Triangle.

Next, you will get a program that goes well with the crime you have chosen.  You can either create one or show one that has proven effective and why it should be implemented in your location.  Make sure that you review academic literature from several different sources that are all giving the same general information.  You want to prove that the program is effective, and not just another program out there wasting taxpayer’s money, while improving the social justice in the community.

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When implementing any new program, you have to make sure that you have proper funding.  Provide a suggested funding strategy and indicate why this is something that would be cost-effective.  You should show your prospective short term and long term hopes of the program you are presenting.

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