Creative topic that relates to the paper

The essay type is a classical  argument.  The paper should be evidence based paper. You should use reliable sources. The argument will be between the conspiracy theory  and story of record which is usually accepted and heard.You need to figure out what indeed is the fact and what indeed is fiction so that you take side on either the conspiracy theory or the story of record.
We are going to look at the historical and current event before you write the paper. Date, location and people involved is needed.The story of recored should rely on the Ethos( credeblity) and logos (that it makes logical  sense). The alternative theory or the conspiracy is the non accepted account or version of events.The theories you choose could be Economic, Religous, poltical , scientifc and so on. So for this specific classical argument essay you will find an event then find the story of recored and find the alternative theory. You need You will be on either side and you will debunk or rebut  the other side.
The thesis statment  you should choose either s.o.r or A.T.
The back ground you should place the disputable aspect of the event.Start with your believe and tell us why you support it. on the back ground you should give the information about people involved, motive (what is your motive) amd what is the outcome. What is that they hope to accomplish.
Then you should give information about your opposing view which then you need to debunk or rebute it.The background should come first( who, what, when..) with the attention getter.
Your view should be the bulk of the essay which comes after the background. You should use more  stronger argumentative words. The theisis should let us know where we stand on the essay. There should be basically three topic sentence on your view. You need to cite but not your discussions.
Structure is as follows.
Your position
the opposition(alternative)
Conclusion-Big picture of what your finding suggest.
Use 4 upto 5 sources
1500 words needed.
I will attach an example or the sample of the essay.

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Creative topic that relates to the paper
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