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SAS (System Administration
and Security) 2013/14 Coursework ID:
210177 Contribution:
50% of course
Dr Mariusz Pelc Release Date:
Deadline Date:
24/03/2014 Return Date:
This coursework should take an average student who is up-to-date with tutorial work approximately 30 hours
Learning Outcomes:
A – C

Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes: copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the University. Please see your student handbook for further details of what is / isn’t plagiarism. Details are also on the CMS Student Intranet.

All material copied or amended from any source (e.g. internet, books) must be placed in quotation marks and in italics, with a full reference to the source directly underneath the material.

Your work will be submitted for electronic plagiarism checking. Any attempt to bypass our plagiarism detection systems will be treated as a severe Assessment Offence.

Coursework Submission Requirements
• An electronic copy of your work for this coursework should be fully uploaded by midnight on the Deadline Date of Sunday 24/03/2014 using the link on the coursework Teachmat page for COMP1475.
• Work will be accepted without penalty up to 3 hours after midnight and the last version you upload will be the one that is marked.
• For this coursework you must submit a single PDF file. In general, some content in the document can be an image (screenshot) and would normally be generated from other documents (eg MS Office 2007 using “Save As .. PDF”). More details are on the CMS IT Support pages
• There are limits on the file size (current values are on the CMS Student Intranet).
• Make sure that any files you upload are virus-free and not protected by a password otherwise they will be treated as null submissions.
• Your work will be marked online and comments on your work and a provisional grade will be available from the Coursework page on Teachmat. A news item will be posted when the comments are available, and also when the grade is available in BannerWeb.
• You must NOT submit a paper copy of this coursework, or include the Banner header sheet.

Coursework Regulations

1. If no submissions were made before the deadline, coursework submitted up to two weeks late that meets the criteria for a pass will be treated as a referral. It will be subject to university regulations for referral work.

2. If you have Extenuating Circumstances you may submit your coursework up to two weeks after the published deadline without penalty but this is subject to acceptance of your claim by the School Extenuating Circumstances Panel. If your claim is rejected then your work will be subject to paragraph 1 above.

3. Coursework submitted more than two weeks late will be given feedback but a grade of zero will be awarded regardless of any extenuating circumstances. However, if your Extenuating Circumstances claim is accepted then the Extenuating Circumstances Panel will recommend to the Progression and Award Board that you be permitted to retake a different item of assessment at a future assessment point.

4. Do not ask the lecturers for extensions to published deadlines – they are not authorised to award an extension.

5. All courseworks must be submitted as above. Under no circumstances can they be accepted by School academic staff.
Coursework will only be returned by the above Return Date if the coursework is submitted on time and is submitted in accordance with the specification provided.

Please refer to the University website for further detail regarding the University Academic Regulations concerning Extenuating Circumstances claims.
Detailed Coursework specification

Please read carefully the whole of this document.

Scenario description

You are the administrator of the office LAN for a small firm of accountants. This is configured as a single Domain with a Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller and Windows 7 workstations. A database that records client contact details and a mail server run on a single Linux platform, which is accessible over the LAN. There is no separate file server as such, since members of staff normally maintain files relating to work for clients, mainly in MSExcel (.xls) format, on removable media.

The Task / Deliverables

In your coursework address to the following aspects:
What would you choose to audit, why and how would you do it (audit files, audit services, etc.) for the given scenario?
How would you implement backup service for the essential data?
How would you restore the services running on the Linux server (mail and database services) in the event of a disc failure on the Linux machine?

Grading Criteria for Each Lab Report Within the Logbook Document

? Technical depth and correctness (60%): Level of technical detail must be at least comparable to course lectures. Where a topic has been covered fully or partly in the lectures, the student will have to demonstrate a greater depth of understanding and incorporate a greater level of technical detail. Each out of the three elements of the final deliverable (audit up to 20%, backup up to 20% and restoration up to 20%) will be assessed from the point of view of conceptual and practical technical.

? Organisation of the material (20%): Suitable sections and subsections; Introduction, Conclusions and References MUST be present and well written.

? Presentation (20%): Well formatted, correct English, good diagrams etc.

Do not copy and paste material from books, the Internet or each other, it is likely that this will be detected and you will be reported for plagiarism. Any borrowed material must be clearly identified as such and accompanied by a reference to the original source. You will only gain marks for your work, your original ideas, opinions, conclusions based on your literature review and any investigation you have performed. Copied and referenced material does not gain any marks. You are not expected to collate pieces of text, you are expected to research, think, reach conclusions and present your work.

Assessment Criteria

+70% an excellent report (complete) addressing the chosen subject, demonstrating an understanding of the concepts and with an excellent conclusion

+60% a good report (complete), addressing the chosen subject, showing some understanding of the concepts and with a good conclusion

+50% a reasonable report (complete), addressing the chosen subject and with a conclusion

+40% report mostly complete, mostly addressing the chosen subject but showing only a basic understanding of the concepts with too much cutting and pasting

+30% report incomplete, or demonstrates little or no understanding of the chosen subject, with too much cutting and pasting – poor or missing conclusions



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