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Continuous Improvement and Processes

Unit 4 Assignment: Continuous Improvement and Processes
One of the main skills of quality management is to consider information from multiple sources and apply criteria and standards to this material appropriately.
Review the Hotstone Tires Case Study (Evans, 2014, p. 191). Then consider the questions, as follows:
Project Charter
Present an example Project Charter of your own creation. Apply it to the Hotstone Tire scenario. Keep the Charter to no more than one page in length.
How would you recommend DMAIC by applied, as a system, to this scenario? Do you see any potential problems to this application? Do you see any potential strengths to this application?
Quality Tools
Given your learning and research so far in the course, what Quality Tools would you recommend, other than DMAIC, be applied to this scenario? Support your answer with online research in addition to the provided course resources.
Ensure each topic is covered to appropriate breadth and depth demonstrating knowledge of the course concept.
Complete your work in an APA style paper including:
– APA Cover Page
– APA Content with Indented Paragraphs (3 full pages)
– APA Reference Page
– APA Formatted Citations (3 references minimum)
Directions for submitting your Assignment:
Compose your Assignment in a MS Word document and save it as Username-MT475 Assignment – Unit#.doc (Example: TAllen- MT475-Assignment-Unit4.doc). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 4.
Unit 4 MT475: Quality Management
——————————————-Hotstone makes tires for the automotive market. Employees noticed that there is a great deal of congestion at the shipping dock as pallets of material that had been picked in the warehouse were waiting to be moved by forklifts to outbound tractor-trailers. Warehouse stock-picking employees had to wait their turn, move the product onto the trucks, and return to a distant location in the warehouse to pick up another order to process. You have been assigned as a Lean Six Sigma project manager to improve this process. Write a project charter and discuss what information you would need to collect in order to perform the improvement project. How might the DMAIC process be used to systematically tackle this project? Also, discuss what tools you would most likely use in the project.

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