Context and Strategy Analysis

? Describe the industry in which the company operates (industry growth rate, concentration
and balance of competitors, degree of differentiation)
? Define who the main competitors are. Choose one of the competitors in order to analysis the
? Identify the main characteristics of supplier and customers (bargaining power)
? Describe the strategy of the organization.
Please use annual report of Bankchak

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Context and Strategy Analysis
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Apply the 5 Accounting Analysis Steps:
Identify key accounting policies
Assess accounting flexibility (e.g. policy on asset valuation, depreciation method, lofe and residual value, inventory valuation, long term contract assumption,

classification of leases btw operating and finance lease, record gain loss in the OCI)
3. Evaluate accounting strategy
4. Evaluate the quality of disclosure (is the profit useful to predict future cash flow)
5. Identify potential red flag (eg. Creativity accounting, window dressing, off balance sheet finance , special purpose verhicals)
? Apply and explain accounting adjustment(s) if they are appropriated
? Show the accounting adjustment(s) in the Appendix
? Show the non-adjusted and the adjusted financial statement in the Appendix


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