content outline

content outline

Assignment Format: All course assignments (to which such things apply) must conform to the following format:
• MS Word (strongly preferred) or Adobe PDF File
• 11 or 12 pt font
• 1” margins (top, bottom, left, right)
• Double-spaced
• Numbered pages
• Reference style: APA 6th Ed. Style
I will send to u an example so please look at it carefully and do mine perfectly as you usually do
Content Outline
The content outline should be developed from the objectives you wrote. Content for the program should include how you plan to provide the students/attendees with the information they need to meet the objectives. This document will vary in length depending on your project. If you are developing a single course, it should include a schedule of information that will be covered in each session of the course. Then include the content delivery for one session. If you are developing a program, it should include each course in the program and a content outline for one of the courses.
The outline should include Content for the entire course; Timeline, learning activities, materials that may be needed, assignments, and the assessment for one instructional session.

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content outline
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Scoring: 75 pts
Write a syllabus, schedule, and content outline that covers the content for the entire course – 35 points
For one instructional session include timeline, learning activities, materials that may be needed, assignments, and the assessment. 40 points

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