Topic: part1confidence in the Congress or in the Armed Forces CONLEGIS and CONARMYpart2undergraduate sociology majors in all US

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For this part of the assignment you will need SPSS (or its later version PASW) available in certain computer clusters on campus (e.g., SOLIS 105) and the GSS data file available at http://www.pineforge.com/isw6/resources/gss/GSS2006x.sav.

Do Americans have more confidence in the Congress or in the Armed Forces? Use the data file to answer this question. The variables are CONLEGIS and CONARMY. Use the Analyze—> Descriptive Statistics—> Frequencies menu. Then obtain a bar chart. Use the Graphs —> Bar menu (Graphs—>Legacy dialogs—>Bar in PASW). You will find help at http://www.pineforge.com/isw6/resources/Schutt6eFinalAppendixF.pdf.

Hand in the output and a paragraph explaining what you have found.
found the graph !!
Part 2

For this part of the assignment you can use any source you can imagine. There are no GSS data for this part of the assignment.

Try to estimate the number of undergraduate sociology majors in all US colleges and universities today. Is sociology getting more popular or less popular among American undergraduates? How does it compare today to other social science majors such as economics political science nationwide?

You may use any research tool you like (Web, reference books, articles, anything you think may help you). (Hint: You can find a clue in the second part of the first assignment.) Explain how you arrived at your estimate.

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