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Computer science jenkins | Computer Science homework help


I do have a small project of mine for automation. In general, I do have automation Framework and have Jenkins installed in Linux and I do have two nodes Win7 and Win10. Selenium Grid and Hub installed and running successfully.

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Computer science jenkins | Computer Science homework help
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I do have knowledge and skillset of using the automation project with Java,Maven,Selenium and Cucumber. I need someone’s help in configuring Jenkins for Maven project and connecting two node machines to it to run my small project of automation via GitLab trigger setup as well.

There is no requirement document, and I am looking for someone who can deliver quality of work and I can work things around in Tutor’s comfort zone. I am in EST, but I am looking for reasonable price. If tutor is from India and have some knowledge in especially Jenkins, Maven, Java, Selenium, Selenium Grid. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am new in this platform. Looking for help 🙂

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