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Community Health Paper: Section 4

Module 4:

Section 4:

Community Health Nurse Role/Actions (2-3 pages maximum):
•Using an upstream perspective, identify three (3) primary, three (3) secondary, and three (3) tertiary nursing interventions specific to the CHN role that will address the issue in your community. Total of nine (9) interventions.
•Identify each of the nursing interventions as primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Safe Assign will be used only in Module 4 for the entire paper.

The Safe Assign score for your final submission will be used for grading purposes. This paper must have a matching report of 35% or less for full points to be earned. You will NOT have the opportunity to redo the final paper submission. Faculty and coaches consider the Module 4 final Safe Assign submission for the grade (in this submission box).

If the completed assignment is not submitted into the final assignment drop box, a 20% penalty will be assessed (if the paper is submitted after the due date) or a zero if it is never submitted to the final.

Omit the reference page in all submissions for Safe Assign as this will increase the similarity score. A separate Reference page drop box is available for the final submission.

Submit your final paper (Sections 1-4) into this drop box for grading.

Your reference page should be submitted as a stand alone assignment through a separate drop box. Do NOT include your reference page here

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