ESSAY #1: Gender Trouble

Length: 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages

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Coming of Age
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Remember the requirement that you must quote from and/or incorporate insights from two works of literary criticism this semester. You may refer to two works in this essay to meet this requirement, or you may refer to one work in this essay and a second work on essay 2 or on the final essay exam. See the syllabus for specifics on how to find literary criticism online and how to document using MLA format.

Compare “A White Heron” and Daisy Miller as explorations of coming of age.  How does each young protagonist confront the complexities of the adult world? How does each negotiate the transition into an adult awareness?  What are the costs and lessons of each protagonist’s journey?

Be sure to check out the sample essay on Blackboard and to include a Works Cited list.


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