5-7 pages (not including cover or references pages)

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Essay must be typed using 12pt. Times New Roman font with 1¬-inch margins on all sides
You must have a proper APA cover page and Running Head, but you do not need to include an abstract page for your essay.
Essay must have a clear thesis statement that is argued well throughout
Essay must use a minimum of five (5) outside sources—no more than three (3) of which can be from the textbook, and the film, Gattaca, does count as one of these three should you choose to use the film as one of your sources. Therefore, you are responsible for researching at least two (2) academic sources through the Library’s website on your chosen topic independently.
All citations as well as the References page must be in proper APA form.

Option 2: As you may have noticed in the readings for this unit, race, ethnicity (in conjunction with immigrant status) and class are often closely linked. Therefore, for this option, you will pick several cultural/ethnic groups that represent different races and discuss not only how class is represented in each, but also how each of these cultural/ethnic groups compares and contrasts with each other as it pertains to class in America. One possibility (but certainly not the only one) is that you can discuss how these groups are often perceived versus how they supposedly are, and to accomplish this goal, you might want to interview members of each group you have chosen to gain access to “inside information,” as it were, in order to discover what common stereotypes and misconceptions with regard to wealth and status that most often affect this group, for better and for worse.

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