Christian worldview

I want to give a chance to redo this paper.  As it stands, this paper is unacceptable, and would not make a good basis for the final paper.  This paper has 3 paragraphs of introduction, and besides talking about a biblical perspective, articulates nothing of a Christian worldview. There is no need to refer to ‘we’ in the paper. The purpose of this paper is for you to begin to write about the information you have started to find for the worldview you are researching. The paper should be a description of the main ideas and practices of the worldview and include a brief explanation of its main sacred texts and traditions. It is a largely informational research paper, but you may also begin to develop the thesis that will form your final research paper.”  So, focus on some of the basics of Christianity, its belief in God, its belief in it Bible, it belief in Jesus Christ, that will be the foundation of its worldview.

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Christian worldview
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