Choosing where to build a home

Choosing where to build a home

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Choosing where to build a home
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Paper instructions:
Establish a set of at least six criteria that determine the best place for you to live. You will need to define those criteria and explain how and why they are meaningful to you, personally. Your list may be practical (the location of the best program in your major; the headquarters of the leading company in your chosen career) or emotional (you’ve always dreamed of living in Europe; your family needs you nearby), but you will need to find a balance among all possible considerations.
Choose two possible locations for you to live in the future. You may use your current location as one, or you may choose two others if you prefer. Research the viability of each location with respect to all the criteria you’ve established.
Write an essay that compares the two locations and make a case for choosing one rather than the other. Support all your assertions with documented evidence from reliable sources.
An effective comparison and contrast essay:
• Has a clear purpose and makes a point
• Considers a sufficient number of significant characteristics
• Fairly examines similarities, differences, or both
• Is clearly organized, subject-by-subject or point-by-point
• Uses transitions to allow readers to keep track of the points of comparison



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